Do you like golf? This kind of sport that is known as “elite” sport is one of the oldest kinds of sport in the world. Look at these 20 interesting facts about golf to know more!

  1. Golf is more than a sport. It is a culture and a lifestyle with its glossary and etiquette. Yes, there is a special golf etiquette. For example, it is important to stay silent and face another golf player who is currently hitting.
  2. Golf players usually must wear a special uniform: collar shirt and trousers, jeans are no-go.
  3. At first glance, it may seem that the number of dimples on the ball is the same, but it is not. More often than not, it depends on the ball manufacturing company.
  4. The first golf balls were made of wood. Golf balls were also made of leather.
  5. Golf is considered one of the few sports played on the moon. Astronaut Alan Shepherd was the first person to hit a ball outside the confines of our planet. The force of gravity on the moon is much lower than on Earth, so the ball flew away for several kilometres.
  6. It is believed that the game of golf originated in Scotland or the Netherlands and was invented by shepherds who used sticks to push stones into rabbit holes.
  7. The first woman to play golf was Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. She loved to play at St. Andrew’s Golf Club in Scotland. It is also believed that the word “caddy” (an assistant of a golf player) first appeared at this time. 
  8. A golf ball flies farther on hot days than on cold days. When the outside temperature is warm, a golf ball can fly farther than when it is cold. This is because cold air is denser and therefore offers more resistance than warm air.
  9. The oldest golf tournament is the Open Championship In 1860, the Open Championship was held for the first time with a 36-hole course. Three rounds of twelve holes each had to be played by the golfers at Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland.
  10. The first round of women’s golf was played in 1811. Women have a long history in golf, an existence they had to fight hard for because men felt women shouldn’t play golf because they simply didn’t have the physical strength. And almost all reputable golf courses did not allow women.
  11. Golf can be played with the right or left hand. 
  12. According to golf etiquette, each golfer must wish his partner a “nice game” at the beginning of the round. So, politeness and etiquette play a significant role in golf. And after it, each golfer should go directly to his ball and start playing.
  13. A similar game to golf was also played in ancient Egypt.
  14. Since 1998 there has been a World Golf Hall of Fame in Florida.
  15. Golf can improve your concentration and analytical skills.
  16. Eldrick “Tiger” Woods from America is one of the greatest golfers of all time.
  17. The comedy about golfer “Happy Gilmore” with Adam Sandler won an MTV Movie Award for “Best Fight” for Adam Sandler versus Bob Barker.
  18. The game in the golf area with 18 holes lasts for four or five hours. 
  19. Etiquette is so important in the game of golf that it makes up an entire section of the official Rules of Golf approved by R&A Rules Limited and the United States Golf Association.
  20. Players should make sure that the electronic devices they bring to the course will not distract other players. On the tee court, a player should not set his ball for the first shot until it is his turn to play. 
  21. If a player believes his ball may be lost (out of the water) or may be out of bounds, he should, to save time, introduce a temporary ball into play.


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