Adding a Rustic Shelf to Your Home

Whether you’re trying to add a little more storage in your kitchen or living room, or you want something to keep all those books and decor items organized, a rustic shelf is a great solution.

Using corbels and wood planks, this simple shelf is a perfect fit for farmhouse-style interiors. Visit these apartments for rent in Glendale, CA, online to find a variety of apartment interior designs!

Natural Charm

Whether you’re searching for the best wall mount for your television, or simply want to display your favorite snoopy dog, a functional and stylish floating shelf is the way to go. Featuring several cleverly hidden compartments, this item will make your living room look more like your own personal home theater. It’s a cinch to install and comes with all the trimmings, including a handy instruction manual to boot. We’re betting your mates won’t mind the pricey upgrade to your living room, especially when they start seeing your new wares on a daily basis. The aforementioned snoopy dog will be ecstatic as well, and you’ll have an excuse to take a break from Netflix and chill for the first time in weeks. Be sure to enlist help from your partner or tasked man and ask for the aforementioned item by name – you’ll be rewarded with a pleasant surprise when your guests arrive.


A rustic shelf is a very versatile piece of furniture. You can use it to display art and other items, it can be placed in a kitchen or dining room to store things like cups or plates and you can also place it in the bathroom to organize towels, toiletries, moisture-loving plants and other essentials.

If you have a bathroom with a small nook, it’s a good idea to add some shelves here and there so that you can give this space more personality. You could do this by using reclaimed wood which has a beautiful rough look and it’s also very useful in this type of space since you can easily use it to hold different things.

Reclaimed wood is a very popular material these days so you can find plenty of options in the market. If you don’t like the rough look, there are also a lot of different ways to finish them so that they look more elegant.

Recycled Materials

Recycled materials are always an excellent choice when it comes to creating DIY shelves. They are usually more inexpensive than buying prefabricated shelves and can be a great way to make a statement in your home decor.

Reclaimed wood is often the best choice for this type of shelf because it emphasizes the natural look over a smooth finish. It also offers a timeless aesthetic that complements most modern interiors.

In addition to reclaimed wood, many people choose shelves made of upcycled materials. This can be as simple as turning a skateboard into a shelf or creating a unique wall shelving unit using a door.

These recycled materials can be found anywhere. From cheese boxes to fruit baskets, there is no shortage of material to create your own custom shelf.


There are many wood types, finishes, and styles to choose from. If you are going for the rustic or farmhouse vibe, consider a shelf made from reclaimed barn wood, pine or superior alder.

For a more modern design, we suggest poplar, whose nearly-white wood tone is perfect for staining and achieving a polished look. A light stain with a gloss top coat is a great way to get that sleek finish without the cost of wood replacement.

If you are looking for something that is as functional as it is stylish, we recommend a set of custom floating shelves with a little something extra in the form of hidden mounting brackets. They will show off your most prized possessions with panache and help you create the home office or bathroom space of your dreams. The best part? These shelves are as simple to install as they are to look at. They come with everything you need to mount them correctly – including screws, directions and mounting brackets.


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Adding a Rustic Shelf to Your Home

Whether you're trying to add a little more storage in your kitchen or living room, or you want something to keep all those books...

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