How to Apply For STAR PLUS

STAR PLUS is a Medicaid managed care program in Texas for people aged 65 and older with disabilities. Participants receive Medicaid health care and long-term services. They have the choice of health plan and staff members who help with basic daily activities and medical care coordination. The program is based on a model that promotes the least restrictive environment for care. To learn more about STAR PLUS, read on! Listed below are the steps to apply for STAR PLUS and get started.

In the first place, users must login to StarPlus before exploring the various collections. Then, they should learn how to search for specific resources or topic topics. After logging in, they should set up their Library Account and save items. This is the best way to use the service. In addition, they can use a combination of the services, which is known as Combo+. Star+ is available in a number of countries, including Uruguay, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Ecuador.

In 2011, Star Plus introduced its first HD feed, along with its flagship channels, Star Gold, Star World, and &TV. The company also changed its on-screen typeface, Fedra Sans Alternate. These changes were made to differentiate Star Plus from its competitors. Then, in 2013, the channel began showing movies in HD, including Dangal. It was rebranded on 15 April 2011.

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