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There is a lot of hype surrounding the Apple HomePod. This device is being touted for its built-in speakers, which are said to rival that of Sonos. They also claim to have a built-in music storage system, which will let you store and play songs on the device without having to worry about your phone running out of space. However, there are some major issues with the device. One of them is the fact that it is impossible to distinguish between different voices

Audio quality

Apple HomePod is a smart speaker that will be released in the US on Friday. It’s different from Google Home and Sonos One in many ways, including audio quality. The acoustics are largely due to years of research by Apple’s audio team. For instance, the HomePod features a unidirectional speaker, which means the sound doesn’t fall off in any direction

In order to test the audio quality, Apple hosted journalists for a tour of its audio labs in Cupertino. During the tour, they were shown a dozen anechoic chambers, which are ideal for testing audio. These chambers are non-reflective and echo-free, and they isolate the smallest variations in the speaker’s tone.

During the test, Apple HomePod beat out the Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo is a voice-activated smart assistant, which is better than Siri. However, the HomePod isn’t able to stream music from third-party providers, such as Spotify.

Built-like-a-tank design

The Apple HomePod is the latest in a long line of wireless speakers and has a lot of niceties to its credit. For example, the woofer is about seven inches tall and requires a big magnet. It has a built-in CX20810 analog to digital converter that powers the microphone array. Other notable features include a cool-looking mesh exterior and a nifty-looking magnetic charging port. However, the biggest buzz-worthy part of the device is the battery, which has a whopping ten hours of battery life

Thankfully, the HomePod is covered by a warranty that can be extended up to two years. In the process of trying to figure out how to repair the device, the folks at iFixit got to see for themselves. After taking a look at the device and its components, they found the best way to tear it apart was a bit more invasive than they were expecting.

Competing with Sonos

Apple is planning to release its HomePod smart speaker next week. It is expected to compete with Sonos in the high end smart speaker market. This may be a tall order for Sonos, as the company has spent years trying to get its act together. In the meantime, Amazon has dominated the smart speaker market, and Sonos has faced some significant competition livechatvalue.

Despite its problems, it’s important to remember that Sonos is not going after the same people that Apple is. As a result, there are several ways in which Sonos is actually ahead of HomePod. One of those ways is in terms of sound. The Sonos One has superior clarity and a much higher output than the HomePod.

Another major advantage of the Sonos One is its compact dimensions. These limitations mean that the Sonos One is not as powerful as the HomePod, but it is still capable of providing a high quality listening experience



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