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Ibex Medical Analytics

Ibex Medical Analytics is a start-up company that aims to change the way cancer is diagnosed. It has developed a “Galen” platform that analyzes digitized biopsies to detect cancer cells and highlight the most clinically important findings. The platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to reduce diagnostic errors and streamlines workflow. By analyzing images, the AI-powered Galen solution improves accuracy through automated case prioritization. This enables pathologists to make more accurate and timely diagnoses.

Ibex is a startup funded by a mix of venture capital firms. One of its investors is Kamet Ventures, which is a company that has been involved in funding a number of tech startups. Other investors include 83North and Dell Technologies Capital. The new funds will be used to accelerate expansion of the Galen(tm) solution portfolio, support new hires, and expand clinical deployments in North America.

For instance, the Galen Breast solution is a CE-marked AI-powered breast cancer detection device. According to Ibex, the device has shown promise in a multi-site study. Although it isn’t FDA-approved in the U.S., it has a proven track record in other countries. Moreover, the product has been verified to improve patient outcomes and improve the user experience, both of which are big wins for any healthcare organization.

The company has also partnered with Philips, which is a global leader in health technology. In addition, Ibex has snagged five pathology labs in the United Kingdom, including the largest pathology network in France.

On top of the technology, the company has also forged partnerships with a variety of health systems and hospitals in Europe and Asia. As of the time of this writing, Ibex had secured 24 NHS trusts in the U.K.. With an ever-growing pool of patients to care for, a timely diagnosis is paramount to guiding treatment decisions. To this end, Ibex has been working to develop new AI-powered computational prognostic tests to help cancer doctors make smarter and more data-driven decisions.

Ibex says that its ai-powered “Galen” solution has already been deployed in over 300 labs in the UK, France and Belgium. Using AI, the company can detect cancer in real-time, speed up turnaround times, and reduce quality control issues. Ultimately, the company hopes to expand its offerings to other tissue types in the coming years.

Clarify Health

Clarify Health with medical analytics is a leading enterprise cloud analytics company. It provides healthcare organizations with real-world insights to improve care delivery. The platform enables the healthcare industry to optimize networks, drive growth and optimize value-based care performance. In addition to its enterprise applications, Clarify also provides an innovative research arm.

Clarify Health with medical analytics offers an AI-powered platform to mine massive amounts of data, delivering actionable insights to healthcare stakeholders. Its solutions are designed to simplify contract modeling, identify opportunities for improvement and compare performance among providers. With the company’s machine learning models, healthcare organizations are able to improve care and achieve better outcomes.

Clarify is bringing a game-changing technology to the healthcare industry. By integrating social and behavioral data with clinical and financial incentives, it empowers healthcare organizations to deliver value-based care. As a result, Clarify has developed an impressive database of longitudinal, multi-year patient journeys. These data are used to identify drivers of unwarranted variation in patient health and identify opportunities for improvements in discrete clinical behaviors.

Clarify has also innovated patented techniques for enriching data, such as its case-mix adjustment methodology. This technology allows healthcare organizations to maximize value-based care performance and pay for healthcare quality more fairly.

Additionally, the company has been recognized in KLAS’ Emerging Solutions Top 20 Report. It was named the top solution provider in two Quadruple Aim categories, including improving patient experiences and outcomes and reducing cost.

As a leading enterprise analytics company, Clarify is in the position to change the healthcare industry for the better. Its solutions have helped healthcare organizations optimize their networks, maximize value-based care performance, improve care delivery, and create a single source of truth for all stakeholders.

Final Words

As part of its mission to address the underlying causes of healthcare disparities, Clarify is building a data platform for all healthcare. With the company’s AI-powered platform, healthcare organizations can mine unstructured data, such as electronic health records, for information that can be incorporated into self-service business applications. Through the use of predictive analytics, Clarify helps customers improve care delivery and accelerate growth.



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