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A recent TechCrunch article highlights some of the latest advancements in video calling and other mobile applications. It also discusses more of what the popular mobile app Daily 40m has to offer, including its partnership with tech giant Microsoft and a new app to send text messages and emails. The app will also feature a streamlined experience and 80% fewer video call errors.

Roseanne Wincek and Lee Edwards join Daily’s board of directors

Daily’s CEO, Kwindla Hultman Kramer, recently announced that his company had raised $40 million in Series B funding. The round was led by Renegade Partners, Cendana Capital, Heritage Group, Tiger Global and Freestyle Ventures. He also recently hired Sarah Milstein, the company’s vice president of engineering, and Varun Singh, its chief product technology officer.

Providing a WebRTC video and audio API, Daily allows users to easily add real-time video and audio features to a wide variety of products. The company has a suite of API tools that are easy to implement and scale. In fact, users have reported seeing a 10 to 30 times increase in all metrics including paid usage, traffic volume and freemium signups.

Daily also makes it easier for healthcare organizations to connect patients with mental health services, primary care and standard prescriptions. Using the company’s HIPAA-compliant API tools, Daily is able to help customers reduce video conferencing error rates by 80%.

80% fewer video call errors

When dealing with video call errors, troubleshooting can be a complicated task. Often, the cause of the issue lies at the far end of the call. To find the root cause of the problem, it is advisable to look at other calls to determine what is going on.

One of the most common causes of poor video call quality is a bad internet connection. If you are using a low data plan, your connection may suffer from dropped calls or poor video quality. However, you can take steps to fix this. Some of these measures include:

Restart your computer, update your software, or check for updates. Another common fix for bad video call performance is to redial the call. This means that the call will travel through the web in a different way. During the process, the quality of your call will be improved.

Latency can also play a part in your video call experience. As a rule, latency is measured by the time between when a user accesses a server on the Internet and when the video packet arrives. Depending on the quality of your service, you can select settings that prioritize less latency-sensitive traffic.

Poor video call performance can have a detrimental effect on your users’ experiences. Consequently, it can lead to an increase in support tickets, user complaints, and less video calls.


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