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In today’s article we will discuss Index Ventures Growth VI and Index Ventures Incubator. We will also touch on the topics of Good Eggs, Beamery, and Pilot.


The Beamery is the king of the aforementioned talent lifecycle management space. Not content with its title, the company has doubled down by opening a shiny new sales office in the Bay area. Indeed, the company has seen a meteoric rise in clientele in just two years, thanks in no small part to an influx of global brands looking for a piece of the action. With a slew of marquee names in tow, the company is doubling down on its efforts to improve the hiring experience. As of this writing, Beamery has over 1 million roles filled on its platform.

Among other things, the company boasts a robust technology stack, including its latest and greatest iteration. For the most part, the company has retained its core engineering team in London, UK.

Good Eggs

Good Eggs is a food delivery startup that helps consumers get a variety of products, including groceries, meal kits, and dairy. The company launched in the San Francisco Bay Area last year and plans to expand its business to more markets.

Good Eggs recently raised $100 million in new funding. The startup is led by former Clif Bar and Plum Organics executive Bentley Hall.

The company recently laid off 15 percent of its workforce, but it has a clear focus on San Francisco and is planning to expand its operations to Southern California and Brooklyn next. Currently, 70 percent of its products are sourced from local farmers.

The Good Eggs team is working hard to keep workers safe. They have also built a tablet app that employees can use to check temperatures of foods and track the delivery process.

Index Ventures Growth VI

Index Ventures has invested in startups across the U.S., Israel, and Europe. It is a global venture capital firm that has partnered with outstanding entrepreneurs in these regions. In the past, it has backed companies such as Robinhood, Datadog, and Slack.

Index Ventures was founded in 1996 in Geneva, Switzerland. Since then, it has raised over $12 billion. The firm has invested in hundreds of companies in various sectors. These include consumer, retail, fintech, and information technology. It has also partnered with many of the U.S.’s most exciting entrepreneurs.

Index Ventures has a team of about 85 people. They are based in San Francisco and Geneva. However, they often work remotely.

The firm has three growth funds. One is worth $200 million and another is $900 million. Another is a seed fund. This is a fund that will invest in Series A and B startups.

Index Ventures Incubator

Index Ventures is a venture capital firm that has invested in more than 20 companies over the years. They have a number of offices in Europe and the U.S., including a new one in New York. The firm also has a strong track record of backing startups with bold ideas. In addition to its core business of investing in technology firms, Index is also interested in incubating startups.

Index has invested in some big name companies over the years, including Slack, Dropbox, and iZettle. One of its most recent investments, Datadog, went public in 2019. Some of its biggest hits have been recent crypto IPOs Adyen, PillPack, and Synack.

The firm is also looking for talent. For example, a recent hire is Shardul Shah, who comes from San Francisco and will be part of the firm’s investment team. A new partner has joined from London as well.


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