Websites on Science and Technology

One of the most popular online magazines for science news is Scientific American, a leading U.S. publication whose writers have included Albert Einstein, Francis Crick, and Jonas Salk. Its website is arguably the most comprehensive of any online publication covering science news. From 60-second podcasts to sprawling special reports, SciAm offers smart analysis of the latest science news, culture, and policy.

Another award-winning website for kids is Science Alert, which offers a well-organized and easy-to-navigate website packed with credible research and fact-checking activities for younger kids. You can also try out free science worksheets and activities on this website to teach your kids about different types of science. You can also check out HowStuffWorks, an award-winning hub of science information.

Live Science is another good source for science news. Its articles are very easy to understand, so even a non-science person can follow along. It also provides authors’ details, which means it’s more likely to be a reliable source of facts. Additionally, Live Science hosts several forums, where readers can ask questions and get answers. Lastly, you can subscribe to its newsletter to receive regular updates on latest science stories.

Nat Geo is another excellent resource for science news. This magazine explores fascinating discoveries and humanizes scientific phenomena. The journalists of Nat Geo humanize the topics and make science relatable to the general public. It’s also worth checking out documentaries on science. You’ll be amazed at the wealth of information on these sites. The best way to increase your knowledge of science is to visit these websites often. They’ll make learning easier.


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